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Dedicated web project manager with 15+ years of experience in structuring, developing and implementing interactive websites. Innovative use of technology and SEO to drive traffic and engage users. Able to complete projects efficiently and satisfy customers with attractive, user-friendly websites.


Excellent interpersonal communication skills with the ability to coordinate and liaison with team members and clients locally and globally. Enthusiastic leader with strong management skills as well as the ability to develop staff loyalty. Analytical, budget-conscious individual who is able to meet project deadlines and maintain high levels of quality control throughout the entirety of the project.


Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Infinite Computing Systems, Inc.

Hired as the Senior Content Writer for a large web product that had been stalled for a couple of years, my position was swiftly escalated to Lead Project Manager. Overseeing an international team of 10, we overcame the obstacles plaguing the project and had the product completed and ready to launch in less than 4 months.


As the Lead Project Manager, my successes include:


  • Established project organization by creating a project tracker utilizing WordPress software. Moved away from using JIRA and Microsoft Sharepoint so the team could become more knowledgeable in the software utilized for the company’s own web product
  • Created and implemented the standards, work-flows, and additional processes that would be used to ensure a
    smooth, seamless, and bug/error-free delivery
  • Created internal Webinars for live-training, as well as video tutorials the team can access at any time
  • Launched the large web product in 4 months


As the Lead Project Manager, the expectations placed upon me include:


  • Prioritize and initiate projects that achieve our corporate strategic plans
  • Select and manage cross-functional project teams
  • Guide project team through all phases of project management methodology
  • Facilitating individual growth by ensuring each team member is provided the opportunities, knowledge, and necessary experiences needed to accomplish their assigned and set goals
  • Manage project scope / Maintain timely status reports
  • Ensure a timely delivery that is at or below budget
  • Coordinate acceptance testing of projects
  • Oversee the development and execution of system training for internal and external users
  • Current with new technologies and trends
  • Self-Taught/willing to self-teach
  • Lead by example
  • Manage clients
  • Regular attendance
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Oct. 2014 - Nov. 2016


TaxAct™ develops DIY online and desktop software that allows individuals and tax professionals to file taxes with ease. Hired on a temporary contracted full-time basis to assist with bringing the back-logged work of reproducing the federal and state tax forms used in the software to current – and to help keep it current – my position became permanent at the end of the contract. Post-tax season responsibilities shifted to assisting the taxpayer support department helping customers via online chat support with their account queries.


As a Forms Specialist, my successes included:


  • Utilizing the company’s privately developed software, Form Master (akin to a very simplified Adobe InDesign), I was able to bring the back-logged work of approximately 800 State and Federal forms to current within 2-3 weeks.
  • Organized and created the “States Bible”. Each State has its own set of form reproduction standards that must be followed exactly in order to a company like TaxAct™ to include the state’s form in their software. This information was scattered all over the internal drives and required numerous clicks to locate. The “States Bible” was available in printed form within a three-ring binder as well as in one central, easy to find location on the internal drive.  Accessed in only 2-3 mouse clicks as opposed to 8-10 previously required. The drive version was simplified even further by establishing an organization for each State’s directory.  This allowed the team members to easily locate the state’s reproduction and submission requirements with ease, reducing the errors and re-submission for states approval greatly.
  • Became the acting-supervisor when the team supervisor transferred to another area of the company
  • Training new temps as well as the new supervisor
  • Timely and professional communication by phone or email with the state’s tax representatives, accountants, software programmers and other development team members, when questions arose about a form, if clarification was needed with regard to changes, re-submissions needed, etc.
  • Providing excellent professional customer service to customers, including the ability to remain calm while assisting an angry or frustrated customer and being able to calm them down, while helping them with account issues.
  • Maintaining a high accuracy and proofreading rate
  • Excellent design skills and close attention to detail for exact replication of legal forms

May 2014 - Oct. 2014

hibü / eLance

Continued to write for hibü as a freelance writer and editor responsible for creating engaging marketing copy for a various business and industries. Proofreading, SEO optimization, current web design and standards, marketing, psychology, high accuracy and attention to detail. Member of a private talent cloud for exceptional writers.

July 2013 - April 2014


A keen eye for details, passion for writing, excellent web design talents and ability to work well under pressure allowed me to thrive in this position for the company formerly known as Yellowbook, USA. Website prep in Sitemaker, proofreading for accuracy, proper grammar and punctuation. SEO optimization and current web design standards. Maintained a 99.8% accuracy rating. Company down-sized due to mismanagement of funds, outsourced jobs to India and the Philippines.

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Computer Hardware / Software
Web / Graphic Design / Wordpress / Social Media
Organizational & Problem Solving
Project Planning, Budgeting, Time Management
Technology & Technical Oversight