New to Social Media

Making their social media debut

Recently, I had the privilege of being the Lead Web Project Manager and Sr. Content Writer for a company called Brokerage Solutions, Inc., located in Cedar Rapids, IA. Their completely overhauled website is about to debut on the world-wide-web and I’m super excited for their launch!

Brand New to Facebook

Until now, Brokerage Solutions, Inc. hasn’t utilized the dynamic marketing power of social media. Understanding that they’re very new to this, we’re starting off slowly, so I created a Facebook page for them! Don’t be shy, go check it out!

Mindy Eekhoff – Brokerage Solutions, Inc. Facebook Banner image 92017
Mindy Eekhoff – Brokerage Solutions, Inc. Facebook Profile image 92017


Join social media or upgrade existing pages

Social media is a great way to drum up more leads and business. Just remember, your social media pages – just like your website(s) – are not meant to be static. You need to make frequent updates to them or people (as well as the search engines) are going think you’ve gone out of business.