Are you ready for something unique and refreshingly honest?

This will probably be the most refreshingly honest “Help Wanted” page ever seen. If you are looking for a full-time, permanent position with benefits that will pay you tens of thousands of dollars per year to do it from the comfort of your living room in your pajamas … I’m  sorry to disappoint, but Mindy’s is not the place you’re looking for. At least not yet.

My hope is that one day it will be! However, as I am just starting out and really have an extremely minimal budget, I am looking for people who want to earn some extra cash on a per job basis. If you’re experienced and are looking for some freelance opportunities, read the job openings posted below and apply.

When business increases and becomes steady, it is quite possible that I will then focus on hiring on a full-time, permanent basis. But I’ve got to baby-step it for now.


  1. Sales and Marketing Copywriter – Earns $10 per page with a 5-page minimum guarantee

    The Sales and Marketing Copywriter will develop and create content for print, digital media, or product descriptions. Well-researched and accurate content will be produced on tight deadlines. You will communicate with leadership, clients, and potential interview sources. Must follow company editorial style guide. Excellent writing, spelling, and understanding of grammar are essential to the role…..

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  2. WordPress Website Sales – Earn 15% – 40% commission per website package sold

    The WordPress Website Sales representative (or sales rep) is responsible for overseeing the sale of products or services from beginning to end. This individual is the direct point of contact with a customer and in charge of ensuring a customer’s needs and expectations are met. A sales representative should know their product or service inside….

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  3. WordPress Theme Designer – Earn $75 to $175 per design

    We are looking for an experienced WordPress Theme Designer with excellent theme design skills to be responsible for the graphic design/theming, programming and development of modern designs/themes/layouts for client websites. The primary platform for development will be WordPress and we will be using a base universal theme for you to start with which needs to….

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