A New Chapter

Mindy Eekhoff - End of a Chapter 2017 sure has had it’s ups and downs. While some may see it as ending on a down note, I’m going to see it as ending on a positive note.

As of December 31st, 2017, my position as the Web Project Manager at Infinite Computing Systems comes to an end, though it is through no fault of my own. As my boss explained, the company just doesn’t have the work or the funds to maintain my position.

I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed because I am. I really enjoyed my work, the people I worked with are great, and I looked forward to heading in every day. I enjoyed having my weekends off so my husband and I could enjoy our time together, get our errands taken care of, have fun, relax and have our “date nights”.

Mindy Eekhoff - Open Book, New Chapters

I think 2018 will be a good year, though. I’m looking forward to writing some new chapters in my life and on my career journey. If I end up in a position that has me doing web project management, great. If I wind up in a different position, that’s great too!

In fact, I’ve been contemplating on making a career change. I’m taking some time to consider all of the pro’s and cons of that though, as I want to make sure this isn’t born out of anxiety or panic due to my recent job loss.

Mindy Eekhoff - Continuing Education During my downtime, I will keep my skills fresh by using them daily, still. I have my own websites to work on, some artwork I’ve been meaning to begin creating, and some design work I really need to get to work on.

I’ll also finish the remaining few weeks I have of the bookkeeping course I’m taking and I might consider beginning another program. I’m interested in Human Resources as well as Health Management.

Both are a far cry from Web Project Management and Content Writing/Editing, eh? But that is the point of a career change, isn’t it? To make a career in other areas of which one is interested.

Mindy Eekhoff - Celebrate Change Here’s to ushering 2017 out on a cheerful, more experienced note and ringing in the new year with open arms! May 2018 bring much good fortune, good luck, and many new & joyous opportunities.

I’m looking forward to fitting in with another company and hopeful that it’s a place I can call my career home for the next decade, at least.